Aldo D. Aragon
Exhibitons I've Curated
Spring 2024 - "(Re)Envisioning Eliot's Entryways." Eliot House at Harvard University.
Exhibitons I've Conceptualized
Spring 2023 - "Concept Exhibit for Harvard Art Museums; The Object in the Art Museum." FAS Dept. of History of Art at Harvard University.
Fall 2022 - "Pacific Migration, Existence, and Paradox: A Deep History. " FAS Dept. of History at Harvard University.
Exhibitons I've Attended
Fall 2023 - "Kay WalkingStick/Hudson River School." New York Historical Society (New York).
Fall 2023 - "Rothko on Paper." National Gallery of Art (D.C.).
Fall 2023 - "Many Wests." Smithsonian American Art Museum (D.C.)
Fall 2023 - "Fashioned by Sargent." Museum of Fine Arts Boston (MA).
Fall 2023 - "At the Limits of the Book." Houghton Library at Harvard University (MA).
Summer 2023 - "Philip Guston Now." National Gallery of Art (D.C.)
Summer 2023 - "1898: U.S. Imperial Visions and Revisions." National Portrait Gallery (D.C.)
Spring 2023 - "Pour, Tear, Carve." The Philips Collection (DC).
Spring 2023 - "The Sassoons." The Jewish Museum (New York).
Spring 2023 - "Taxonomy: Our Lives Depend on It." Bishop Museum (Honolulu).
Fall 2022 - Ongoing Exhibitions and "Re-Frame" Projects at the Museum of Us (San Diego).
Fall 2022 - "Edward Hopper's New York." Whitney Museum of American Art (New York).
Fall 2022 - "Diego Rivera's America." San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (San Francisco).
Fall 2022 - "Water Memories." The Metropolian Museum of Art (New York).
Fall 2022 - "The Jewish Deli." New York Historical Society (New York).
Fall 2019 - "When Home Won’t Let You Stay: Migration through Contemporary Art." Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston). *Includes Aliza Nisenbaum.*
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